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Since 1948

Tradition. This word perfectly describes Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe. In our case, it is impressive, as we already celebrated our 75th anniversary.

The history of Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe dates back to the post-war period, specifically in 1948. It was then that the state-cooperative enterprise was established, and its products became the foundation of traditional dishes in Polish kitchens over the years. The dynamic development of our company continued uninterrupted for decades.

In the 1980s, Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe were one of the largest facilities of this kind in Poland, encompassing several mills in the Podlasie region. However, we did not stop there. Additional investments included an oat flake mill, a groat mill, and a pea processing plant. We also modernized a nearby feed mill.

The 1990s marked the creation of the now iconic Tortowa Flour, adorned with distinctive graphics featuring a cake with a yellow candle. It is one of the most recognizable products of PZZ S.A. and is associated with shared family baking experiences. During this time, packaged products from Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe were introduced to regular sales, and in 1994, our sales increased fivefold!

The year 2000 was a pivotal moment, not only because it heralded the new millennium. For Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe, it also signaled something new. The privatization of the company, consisting of 100% Polish capital, took place at that time. What undoubtedly sets us apart from other enterprises is our continuous desire for development and the utilization of innovative solutions to streamline production.

In 2018, we underwent a comprehensive modernization of the wheat-rye mill and opened a new bulk flour dispatch. During this period, a bakery laboratory and a modern laboratory were also established. Our story, however, does not come to an end. The history of Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe S.A. continues to this day, and we are writing it together.

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