The highest quality products

since 1948

Customized production of flour tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Our team of highly trained technologists and millers, along with our specialized laboratory, allows us to produce custom flour tailored to the needs of each individual client. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver the highest quality flour, as evidenced by our international quality certifications.

  • Verified Suppliers

    We purchase grain only from verified suppliers who prioritize the proper quality of their crops. We select suppliers with a track record of cultivating high quality crops and adhering to strict quality measures to promote the growth of healthy and nutritious grains.

  • Full Quality Monitoring

    The stored grain is continuously monitored to ensure its quality throughout the storage period. We prioritize maintaining the quality and integrity of the grains we store. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive monitoring system that enables us to closely track and evaluate the condition of the stored grain. Our monitoring process includes regular inspections and assessments of quality parameters such as moisture content, temperature, and the presence of contaminants or pests. We use advanced monitoring technologies and equipment to gather accurate data and promptly detect any potential issues.

  • Traceability of raw materials

    The primary source of grain for flour production is the region of Podlasie. This area is known for its ecological and healthy farming practices, fertile soils, favorable climate, and minimal exposure to pollutants, making it an ideal environment for cultivating high-quality and nutritious grains.

  • Carefully selected grains

    Proper grain sorting enables custom milling to meet specific customer needs.

  • Modern laboratory

    We perform various quality control and analytical procedures in a well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory.

  • Quality Certificate

    Each shipment is accompanied by a certificate of quality, which allows the customer to verify the quality of the flour.

  • Test baking in our bakery lab

    In addition to conducting a thorough analysis of our flour in the laboratory, we also assess its quality in practice through trial baking in our dedicated bakery facility, which we refer to as the Bakery lab.

  • Proper Storage

    We can store up to 100,000 tons of raw materials, enabling us to select grains based on their technological parameters.

  • Flexible delivery options

    We have a modern fleet of vehicles that enable us to offer flexible delivery terms customized to our customers’ needs.

  • Highly skilled team

    Our team comprises of qualified employees who receive regular training to enhance their professional competencies.



To meet market demands, we have created a Research and Development Department. Its mission is to enhance production processes and improve the final product.

We verify product quality parameters and their suitability for specific technological processes. Additionally, we seek new developments and innovations for the flour we produce.

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