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Zakłady Zbożowe S.A.


We produce only the highest quality products

Our main focus is milling wheat and rye grains to produce high-quality flour.We also specialize in producing oat and barley flakes, barley grains, and semolina (or farina).


We believe that excellent flour starts with good grains; therefore, we pay special attention to sourcing our raw materials. Our grains are mainly acquired from the Podlasie region, a beautiful part of Poland known as the “Green Lungs of Poland” due to its exceptionally clean air and fertile soils. We are proud to belong to this region and take full advantage of the ideal conditions for growing agricultural products.


With over 70 years of milling experience, our know-how and business development have positioned us among the top five mills in Poland. Our main objective is to produce high-quality flour that meets the specific requirements of each customer while prioritizing safety. We achieve this through continuous improvement, investment, and exceptional customer support.


  • The capital group COMPRISING of Agrocentrum and Grupa Agrocentrum



Our core values

Our priority is to provide excellent working conditions for our employees and be transparent with our customers. Our mission emphasizes core values such as:

We have achieved the Global Food Safety Standard, known as the BRC Certificate, through:

  • comprehensive modernization
  • continuous investments in modern equipment
  • commitment to the highest quality
  • proper product safety

Our values guide us at every stage of our work. The process of making flour is challenging. We purchase grain only from trusted suppliers who prioritize crop quality. Our quality department checks the grain parameters. If it meets our standards, it undergoes further detailed analysis in our laboratory. Our specialized laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze grains, resulting in high-quality flour.


We prioritize high-quality products that are completely safe by implementing systems to detect any irregularities at every stage of production. As one of the few mills in Poland, our mills are equipped with entolethers, which are devices specially designed to eliminate all forms of pests. We ensure the highest possible quality of our products through proper raw material selection, continuous testing, and a well-trained Quality Department staff.

We prioritize efficient internal logistics to ensure timely delivery to our customers.

Efficient internal logistics are key to our success. We own a professional fleet of vehicles that enables us to deliver products to our partners conveniently. Our reliable logistics system ensures on-time deliveries and maintains consistent client satisfaction.

Our experience and customer-oriented approach have fostered long-lasting business relationships.

Our employees demonstrate the utmost professionalism, and our ongoing investments have opened new opportunities, including the ability to operate in global markets. Global companies adhere to strict quality guidelines, and we ensure that we meet those standards.

The implementation of new solutions enhances our employees’ experience.

We value innovation while maintaining our company’s longstanding traditions. We invest in modernizing our facilities and regularly train our employees to adapt to modern technology. Our goal is continuous development, and we strive to keep up with market trends and evolving needs.

From the heart
of Podlasie!

Zakłady Zbożowe S.A.

Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe S.A. consist of two fully modernized mills: in Białystok and Suwałki.

Each facility has a specialized laboratory where all quality parameters of the produced flour are verified. The total milling capacity amounts to 360,000 tons of grain per year. This ensures the highest quality product, perfectly tailored to the needs of each customer.

  • BRC 8
  • BRC 8
  • BRC 8
  • BRC 8
  • BRC 8

We have been distinguished among other brands

Products PZZ S.A. are appreciated by customers who have trusted high quality backed by many years of experience.

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Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe S.A. in Białystok

Management Board of PZZ S.A.

Sylwia Majewicz


Andrzej Majewicz

Board Proxy

Karol Kulikowski

Sales Director

Agnieszka Marciniak

Marketing and Sales Specialist

Alicja Małecki

Marketing and International Sales Specialist

Julita Gilewska

Marketing and Sales Specialist

Anna Władzielczuk

B2B sales director

Grain Procurement Department

Marek Fiedorczyk

Grain Procurement Manager

Finance and Invoicing Department

Martyna Magnuszewska

Billing and Settlements Specialist

Logistics Department

Mariusz Zieliński

Logistics and Transportation Specialist (bulk flour)

Stanisław Sawicki

Logistics and Transportation Specialist (bulk flour)


Jolanta Jaworowska

Logistics and Transportation Specialist (palletized shipments)

Quality Control and Production Department

Maja Niewiadomska

Quality Control and Production Manager


Olga Maleszewska

Quality Specialist

Accounting Department

Anna Klimaszewska


HR Department/ Payroll/ DPO

Monika Okruszko

HR and Payroll Specialist/ DPO

Podlaskie Zakłady Zbożowe S.A. in Suwałki

Robert Balinowski

Facility Manager

Jolanta Podlewska

Customer Service